How to Buy the Perfect Domain Name for Your Fitness Website

  We’re going to kick off the Online Pt Business Supremacy Course at the very beginning… and that’s… How to buy a domain name and set up hosting. There are few things you should know before buying your domain name. Personally I prefer to buy a domain with out hyphens… but you can get a domain with one hyphen and it will rank just fine in Google. However, do not use a domain with more than one hyphen as this looks spammy and may effect your ability to rank your site. So what do i mean when I say domain with hyphens. No hyphens is best, i.e… One hyphen will still rank just fine, i.e…. Avoid two or more hyphens, i.e… Also, only ever use a .com, .net or .org…. and the local versions of these like etc. Other TLD’s such as .biz, .me, .info just do not rank very well in Google. So when choosing your domain name you really have 3 options; 1. Your brand 2. PMD (partial match domain) 3. EMD (exact match domain) 1. Your brand If you choose your brand as your domain, which I recommend for your main site, it will be your name or your business name i.e just to give you an example…. 2. PMD (partial match domain) – contains your location or your main service i.e… and 3. EMD (exact match domain) – contains your location and your main service i.e… As we go through this course I’m going to recommend you to set up two sites, and here’s why. Anything that’s inside Google’s term and conditions is considered ‘White Hat SEO’. Anything that’s outside Google’s term and conditions is considered ‘Black Hat Seo’. We will set up one site, your main site… as a branded evergreen website that will be purely ‘White Hat SEO’. Your second site will be a lead generation site and will stretch Google’s terms and conditions a little… this 2nd site will be slightly grey 


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