Email Marketing for Personal Trainers & Fitness Businesses

In this quick videos I show you how to set up an optin box and autoresponder.

So… what is an optin box?

An optin box is a way of collecting prospects names and emails in exchange for giving them something of value.

You can offer them a bait such as a free e-book, video course, recipes etc… or offer them a low price or free way of trying out your fitness program.

Only 3% of people that visit your website are ready to buy, so 97% of people will bounce off your site and do nothing!

By offering them a free gift or something of value we can continue to market to them long after they leave your website.

Offer your prospects something of high value, something you know they’ll want.

For example if you are in the weight loss niche, offering a free bait to ‘Get Ripped’ will not be a big enough carrot for people to give you their email address, they won’t be interested.

But if you offered them a FREE Cheat Sheet teaching them how to lose weight, you’ll have a much higher optin rate.

An autoresponder is a piece of software we use to send pre-scheduled emails to your prospects after they have ‘opted it’, in the video example below I’m using Aweber which is great because they offer you a free trial so you can test it out first.

By setting up a series of autoresponders we can create a fitness marketing funnel that works on autopilot it’s like having a team of sales reps working for you 24/7.

Check out the videos below and if you have any questions please leave me a comment below.

Creating your first autoresponder

Click Here For a FREE Aweber Trial

Setting up your optin box and sending your first email

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