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SEO Vs SEM – The Differences

You have probably heard of SEO but have you heard of SEM? The two terms are often used interchangeably, making it all the more difficult for the uninitiated to appreciate the difference between the two. If implemented correctly, both can play a vital part in your online marketing strategy but for that you must understand both the concepts thoroughly. 


SEO is Search Engine Optimization whereas SEM is Search Engine Marketing and combining both of them into one integrated strategy can be exceptionally effective for your business. Having a clear understanding of how both the elements work is of paramount importance while allocating your marketing funds and crucial business resources. 

Online fitness profits target generic search results i.e. aims to put your websites on the top of Search Engine Page Results (SERPs) whenever a user searches for particular keywords related to your products or services. SEM on the other hand focuses on selecting the right keywords to invest in when you want to highlight your business through paid search results on all the major search engines such as Google or Yahoo. 


Understanding SEO

Online fitness marketing is a strategy that aims to promote your website and blogs onto the top of search engine pages whenever somebody enters a query related to your line of business. A higher rank always ensures better visibility (and hence better chances of business) as statistics show that most people do not visit sites beyond the initial few result pages. 

Online marketing includes both on-page and off-page activities related to your web pages. On-page activities include posting blogs and quality content that enhances the value of your website and incorporating appropriate keywords into heading tags, title tags, alt text and meta descriptions etc. It also includes formatting page URLs, optimizing page load speed, incorporating search engine compatibility, integrating social media tools and so on. 

Off-page activities of fitness marketing include creating high-quality back-links that link naturally to your sites, sharing social signals, bookmarking on social media and much more. 

Understanding SEM 

SEM is a type of internet marketing which involves promoting websites on SERPs through optimization AND marketing. As is obvious, it is a much broader concept that includes SEO along with other marketing strategies. Apart from SEO techniques, SEM also incorporates advertisements, Pay Per Click (PPC) activities and SMM (Social Media Marketing). Many companies restrict their SEM strategy strictly to PPC campaigns and related activities although you can certainly integrate it with paid search and optimization. 

Difference between SEO and SEM 

The primary difference between online marketing and SEM is that the former is simply a part of a comprehensive internet marketing strategy. Moreover, the focus of SEO is to influence the rankings in result pages in your favour. On the other hand, SEM exploits the search engines’ potentiality to advertise your business sites to online customers so as to attract a more targeted traffic to your business sites. 

Keep in mind that fitness marketing and SEM are not competing strategies. Rather, both of them can significantly improve your business opportunities by making you more visible on the internet market through both generic and advertised links.

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