Boost Your Google Rankings with Social Signals

Hey fitness buddy,

fitness websiteRanking your fitness website on the first page of Google is a 4 step process.

It’s like a recipe for baking a cake, if you do too much of one thing or you do it in the wrong order your cake isn’t going taste good.

For your website, if you do too much of one thing or you do it in the wrong order your website will not rank as high in the search engines.

Here are the 4 steps…

Step 1. Social signals.

Step 2. On page SEO.

Step 3. Citations/Nice relevant directories.

Step 4. Backlinks: PBN’s, Blog comments, Web 2.0’s.

Each step serves a different purpose…

Step 1. Builds trust.

Step 2. Creates relevancy.

Step 3. Builds trust and relevancy and will help you rank in Google maps (more on this in a later video)

Step 4. Builds power and authority.

I’m going to set up a site from scratch, and show you everything I do to rank it in Google and get traffic… it’s going to be an over the shoulder series you can follow along with.

Today I’m going to show you step 1, sending social signals to your site… you only need to do one blast when setting up your site.

Here is where I get my Social signals, just type ‘Social Signals’ into the search box.

Once you have done the initial blast just share your site on your own Facebook, Twitter and other social media on a regular basis.

Check out the video below…

If you have any questions please post them in the comment section below and if you would like regular online marketing strategies delivered directly to your inbox subscribe to my news letter below or follow me on Facebook.

See you soon!

Danger Dan

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