Easy HIIT Workout for Beginners (TRY IT AT HOME!!)


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This easy HIIT workout for beginners includes 8 moves that any beginner can do. Even if you’re not a beginner, this easy HIIT workout is great for a day when you are sore or need a more mellow workout! The typical HIIT workout for women is pretty challenging and very high intensity. If you’ve been wanting to get started with HIIT workouts but the moves and pace are kind of intimidating for you, this home HIIT workout for beginners is ideal for you. This beginner total body HIIT workout contains 8 moves that you are probably already familiar with. However, if you’ve never done HIIT before it’s still a good idea to try out each of the moves in this easy beginner HIIT workout before you attempt the entire routine.

To do this HIIT workout for beginners you’ll need an interval timer on your cell phone. You’ll want to set it to 30 seconds work with 10 seconds rest. You’ll do each of the exercise in this beginners HIIT workout for 30 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest before moving on to the next one. If you are a true beginner, you’ll want to try for 1 round of all the exercises in this HIIT workout for beginners. If you are a little more advanced you can shoot for even 2 or 3 rounds of this easy beginners HIIT workout. If you are looking for more full length workouts for beginners, check out our complete Athlean-XX for Women program http://athleanx.com/best-workout-program-for-women/getlean

Here are the exercises in this easy HIIT workout:

1) Side Lunge Right Side

2) Side Lunge Left Side

3) Inch Worm w/Pushup (can do knee pushups if needed)

4) Straight Leg Sit Ups

5) Lunge Back w/Squat

6) Mountain Climbers

7) Scissors

8) Side to Side Crunches

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